What is a Multi Academy Trust?


North Carr Collaborative Academy Trust

Highlands was judged by Ofsted to be an outstanding school and was subsequently designated as a Teaching School, a National Support School and also a DfE sponsor. Highlands and Bude Park had a history of collaboration and the natural next step was to formalise this relationship. The DfE requires that all ‘new’ schools should be sponsored and as such Highlands applied and was successful in becoming the sponsor of Kingswood Parks.

Why become a Multi Academy Trust?

We recognise that one size does not fit all. All schools have their own ‘uniqueness’, but the core values of every school within our Multi Academy Trust are shared:
• Children come first
• All learners are encouraged, supported and challenged to be the best they can be
• Schools are welcoming, safe and happy places
• All staff are committed to raising standards
• All schools are committed to ‘Systems Leadership’ ie having a positive impact on the lives and
life chances of children within and beyond our own school

Benefits of becoming a Multi Academy Trust

• Strong shared strategic vision
• Collaboration not competition
• Flexibility
• Shared resources and expertise
• Economies of scale
• Support and Challenge can be directed to where need is greatest
• ‘Cutting edge’ approach to staff development and succession planning