Safeguarding our children

We take very seriously our responsibility to safeguard both children and adults.    This school operates a rigorous and robust recruitment process that gathers evidence about candidates’ suitability to work with children as well as their suitability for the post at all stages in the recruitment process.  High levels of vigilance are maintained through rigorous monitoring post appointment.

Our children’s health, safety and welfare of our children are high profile throughout the school.  We have rigorous procedures in place which address inappropriate behaviour.

Our commitment to our children’s health, safety and welfare is embedded in everyday practice at Highlands and is exemplified in meticulous policies, procedures and processes, including those which address inappropriate behaviour.

The Governing body of Highlands Primary School supports the ethos of safeguarding children and also protecting the adults within our school. Governors believe that it is not enough to assume that adults within the school have an understanding of what is expected of them in terms of conduct. As such Governors have developed guidance entitled ‘Safeguarding those who work with children at Highlands Primary School’ which clearly outlines the parameters of acceptable behaviour which is intended to both support and protect all adults.

This will:

  • keep children safe by clarifying which behaviours constitute safe practice and which behaviours should be avoided;
  • assist adults working with children to work safely and responsibly and to monitor their own standards and practice;
  • support the school in giving a clear message that unlawful or unsafe behaviour is unacceptable and that, where appropriate, disciplinary or legal action will be taken;
  • minimise the risk of misplaced or malicious allegations made against adults who work with children and young people;
  • Safeguard against the incidence of positions of trust being abused or misused.

A range of policies and procedures support safeguarding within our school, some of which are available on our website.

Our Child Protection Policy is reviewed on an annual basis and is available both on our website and in school

Mrs Sallie Mc Keown (Vice Principal) is our Designated Safeguarding Lead

Our Child Protection Officer is Mrs Claire

Our Emotional Well-being worker is Ms Reagan Milner

Our Behaviour and Attendance Lead is Ms Catherine Eastham

All our download documents are in the Adobe PDF format.
A hard copy can also be obtained from the main school office.

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