Curriculum Statement 2018

We strive to work closely and in partnership with parents and the community to provide a safe, caring and inspiring environment where children are supported, challenged and encouraged to be the best they can be.

Our knowledge and understanding of our children and the community in which they live has helped tailor what we believe is an exciting, innovative and creative curriculum which meets the needs of our learners and which also has an  uncompromising focus on the development and application of reading, writing and mathematics skills.

The foundations of the curriculum at Highlands are built on securing our children’s physical, social and emotional well-being. A healthy body and a healthy mind are key elements in children being able and ready to learn. We are a restorative school and encourage our children to make the right choices and take responsibility for their actions.  Restorative Practices plays a key role in developing both a sense of community and individual responsibility.  There are high levels of support and challenge for everyone within our school.

We believe that our curriculum plays a major role developing our children’s love and thirst for learning.  We want them to want to come to school and to enjoy being here.

The curriculum at Highlands is not, nor should it be, focused solely on academic subjects and outcomes.  We aim to develop well mannered, rounded children who know right from wrong, are tolerant and respectful and, by the time they leave us, are well prepared for their secondary school years and ultimately adult life in modern Britain.

Curriculum Plans

Our curriculum plans build on prior learning and set out expectations for each subject / aspect in terms of:

  • What the children should know and by when
  • What the children should be able to do and by when
  • What the children should understand and by when
  • How they should behave and by when