Teaching School

Highlands has been designated as a National Teaching School.

Teaching schools are part of the government’s drive to give schools more freedom and to enable schools to take increasing responsibility for managing the education system. They provide coherent training and development for new and experienced teachers and leaders, which in turn supports school improvement and meets the needs and context of the local area.

Teaching schools are among the best schools in the country. They are often outstanding in their own performance and have a track record of working with others to raise standards for children and young people beyond their own school.

Teaching schools have six key roles. These are to:

  1. Play a greater role in recruiting and training new entrants to the profession (initial teacher training)
  2. Lead peer-to-peer professional and leadership development (continuing professional development)
  3. Identify and develop leadership potential (succession planning and talent management)
  4. Provide support for other schools
  5. Designate and broker SLEs
  6. Engage in research and development activity

Highlands is a strategic partner in the Hull Collaborative Teaching School Alliance – one of the largest alliances in the country.   Staff from across North Carr Collaborative Academy Trust play key roles in school to school support, the designation and development of SLEs and city wide network groups.

Our role within the Teaching School means that we support school within and outside of the city, and have been very successful in doing so.  As a result we have a number of staff across NCCAT who have been designated as System Leaders:

Jan Drinkall                                         National Leader of Education

Jane Lewis                                          National Leader of Governance

Debbie Smith                                      Specialist Leader of Education

Shaun Allison                                      Specialist Leader of Education

Debbie James                                     Specialist Leader of Education

Katy Drinkall                                        Specialist Leader of Education

Alex Richardson                                 Specialist Leader of Education

Sarah Mitchell                                     Specialist Leader of Education

Helen Smith                                        Specialist Leader of Education

Claire Harris                                        Specialist Leader of Education

Milica Saleh                                        Specialist Leader of Education

Jayne White                                        Specialist Leader of Education

Katie Price                                          Specialist Leader of Education

Catherine Eastham                            Specialist Leader of Education

Melanie Dearing                                 Specialist Leader of Education

NCTL National Teaching School lock up (colour)